Dog Care


  • Large and medium guests will be assigned their own eating and sleeping suite
  • Small guests will be in a community environment with owner’s signed written permission, unless otherwise requested, or behavioral issues require that they be in separate quarters


  • There are 2 feedings per day
  • Treats offered throughout the day
  • Water and feeding bowls are washed each day
  • We prefer you bring your pet’s regular food and treats for them to eat to avoid upset tummies from changing food too quickly
  • If you do not supply your own food and treats, we will provide quality dry kibble and treats

Play Time

  • There are 3 scheduled outdoor playtimes each day, and more if  the weather is nice 
  • Large and medium guests are assessed and assigned to small play groups with owner’s signed permission
  • Small guests play together all day with owner’s signed permission
  • Any guests that shows aggression are taken out of the play group, and put into playpens by themselves
  • Geriatric guests are allowed to do as they please and rest, if they do not want to play

Hands on Interaction Between Guests and Staff

  • We cater to our guests wishes for interaction to make them feel at home
  • We play ball 
  • We give belly rubs
  • We give back scratches
  • We provide laps for those who want one


  • These are provided to our guests at a nominal fee
  • When dropping off your pet, please advise the staff if you would like your pet to be bathed in time for your scheduled pickup
  • We do not accept Walk-in customers for these services
  • We do not provide any grooming services

Day Care

  • Guests can be dropped off as early as 7:30 am, and picked up as late as 5:30 pm
  • Depending upon the anticipated length of stay and with the owner’s signed permission, day care guests will be housed, feed, assigned to play groups, and have hands on interaction with our staff the same as our long term boarders
  • As a result, your dog with have supervised mental and physical stimulation while you are at work, leading to a happy and tired pet when Mom or Dad picks them up to go home

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