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Woof & Meow Speak

Woof and Meow Speak
In Loving Memory of
SANDY 2010
Love, unconditional, was brought into her humans' lives when Sandy chose them to be her guardians. We don’t know why she

was taken from us but we do know that while she was with us that she had the best possible life. We all, including Jeffee (her pet companion) are grieving now that she is gone. Sandy will never be replaced and even though she is gone she will never be forgotten.


Congratulation to Jeffey who won the STAR PAWS best dressed male dog in the Greater New Orleans area.
HooRah Jeffey!
We are going to miss Andee and Allee as they are going to move to Kansas City this week. Dad Adam got a promotion. These are two great gals and we hope we receive Woof Speak from them.
Jeff and Sandy were happy that their moms Eileen and Irene enjoyed their vacation and now they will get caught up on their travel tales. They must be living the good life as Jeff and Sandy have put on some ounces.
Jeff watches over his sister Sandy very closely here at Pampered Pets, telling her with whom she can and can not play. He's such a good boy.
Gracie's mama Ruth auditioned for America's Got Talent and we all have our fingers crossed that she gets a call back to go on to another audition.
Heavenly Pets
We are sorrowful to announce the passing of beloved guests.
                                   Always missed but never forgotten.

Lafitte - after living a wonderful life health issues took our beloved and cherished Lafitte from his siblings and human friends. December 2011
Sandy - passed away unexpectedly, greatlly missed by Eileen,
Irene and Jeffee. 2010
Molly - passed away peacefully in her sleep after fifteen years
with her loving human Georgette. March 2010
Chance & Clue - we humanely put to sleep after fourteen years
with their loving human Martha. February 2010
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