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Dog Care


  • large and medium dog guests will be assigned their own eating and sleeping suite

  • small dog guests will be in a community enviroment unless requested otherwise

  • we feed quality dry kibbles that can be supplemented with wet food on request

  • an assortment of treats are offered throughout the day

  • we do not charge to feed your special food

  • we have three scheduled outdoor playtimes plus more if we have nice weather

  • we cater to our guests wants and whims -
  • play ball - you get it --
  • belly rub - you get it -
  • lap sitting - you get it
  • back scratch - you get it

  • pampered baths - we have them at a nominal fee

  • pampered massage - we have them at a nominal fee

  • we only bath and massage our guests - NO WALK INS

  • the continual hands on interaction between our guests and staff makes all of our guests feel at home

  • large and medium dog guests are assessed and assigned to small play groups (with owners signed permission)

  • small dog guests play together all day (with owners signed permission)

  • any guests that shows aggression are taken out of the play group and put into playpens by themselves.

  • the geriatric guest loves Pampered Pets as they get to do as they please and we do believe that they reminisce about the good old days watching the younger dogs cavort.

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