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About Us

PAMPERED PETS Bed & Breakfast is a family owned business established in 1993.
Husband and wife Harold and Joan have committed their lives to the care and welfare of animals.


I cannot say enough good things about everyone at this business. I had committed to volunteer with Habitat in New Orleans. I was driving from Florida and wanted to have my 125 pound German Shepherd with me for company (and protection) on the road. I made a reservation for him to stay at Pampered Pets, but because of bad weather and roads, was delayed in my arrival. When I called to advise of the delay, they were gracious and gave me an estimation as to the number of hours it would take me to complete the trip. The facility is set up like a children's nursery or day care, and you cannot gain entry without being observed and buzzed in the front door (good security). I was allowed to tour the facility before leaving my boy there and was impressed with the cleanliness and obviously caring staff. My guy had his own suite which was climate controlled (heated--it was cold outside) and his own play yard. They were also accommodating about giving him his special food and, when I called to check on him and commented on his sometimes not drinking enough water, Joan told me she would give him soup! When I picked him up, he was clean, smelled good and was sporting a nifty "Pampered Pets Bed and Breakfast" scarf. I had to decline the stuffed toy they offered as a good bye gift, (he tears toys apart), but he loved the gourmet dog cookies that were also provided. Although I did not take the time to shop, I took a brief glimpse of the many items offered for sale and know I would have "blown the budget" on dog accessories,( including really adorable outfits that would have been good for my grand-dog) if I had spent more time there. I am so grateful to have found such a great facility and loving people to take care of my much loved pal. Susan L.

Feel guilty leaving your pets in just a regular kennel like i do. Check this place out.
Pampered Pets Bed and Breakfast is a great place to leave the pets. The only problem is ,, your pets wont want to leave. Carri I.

My dog Baxter a 3 year old jack Russell loves pampered pets.He especially enjoys Bill the dog care giver.He gets so excited when I drive down airline hwy en route to drop him off.Only trouble is he does not want to come home when we pick him up. David M.


Reward your magnificent mouser with a stay at a kitty condo, or indulge Fido in the most fanciful of flea baths at New Orleans Pet Care or the appropriately named Pampered Pets Bed and Breakfast, located in Metairie - just a 10 minute taxi trip away.
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I would suggest using Pampered Pets Bed and Breakfast. They don't book via email or internet, but you can call them at (504) 734-7387 to get price quotes or make your reservations. Proof of vaccinations IS required, but it can be all taken care of before you even leave home. Pampered Pets also offers day care.


New Orleans' Best Pet Services

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1. Pampered Pets Bed & Breakfast

6213 Airline Dr, Metairie, LA


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